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  1. The name of the Society shall be both 'Cambridge University French Society' and 'Société Française de l'Université de Cambridge'.
  2. The aim of the Society shall be the promotion of all aspects of French and Francophone language and culture in Cambridge.
  3. Membership of the Society shall be extended to all members of the University of Cambridge and any others who may apply to the Committee. There shall be a yearly fee for Annual Membership or a one-off fee for Life Membership, both of which will be fixed by the Committee. The Committee shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political views. Any member may be expelled by the Committee for bringing the Society into disrepute. All members shall have full voting rights at Society meetings.
  4. Meetings of the Society:
    1. Ordinary meetings shall be held fortnightly during Full Term, or at any time deemed fit by the Committee.
    2. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year at the end of the Lent Term. The time and venue of this meeting will be determined and publicised by the Committee at least seven Full Term-days beforehand.
  5. The Committee of the Society shall be elected at the AGM. Nominations must be submitted to the Junior Treasurer and Membership Secretary at least three Full Term-days before the AGM. Any member of the Society may be nominated for any Committee post by two other members of the Society. There may be hustings at the AGM. Votes shall be counted by two persons chosen at the AGM and who are not candidates for Committee posts. The election and count shall be conducted using a 'First Past The Post' system. The Committee may at its discretion co-opt Committee members to itself where it perceives the need, or to fill any vacancies which may arise.
  6. The Committee shall consist of: Chair (one post), Junior Treasurer and Membership Secretary (one post), Events Co-ordinator (one post), FranceCam/Newsletter Editor (one post) and Events Officers, whose responsibilities shall be the running of specific events, as requested by the events coordinator.
  7. External Committee Members:
    1. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee each year to audit the Society's accounts.
    2. An Honorary President shall be appointed by the Committee each year.
  8. Amendments to this Constitution must be proposed by at least two members of the Society, and must be submitted to the Junior Treasurer and Membership Secretary in writing. This constitution may only be amended at an AGM, or a meeting specially called for that purpose. No vote on a constitutional amendment shall be valid unless at least ten percent of the Society's membership is present at the meeting. Should this quorum not, however, such a vote may, with the decisive and unanimous agreement of the Committee, take place half an hour later with any number of members.